Stand Tall
Fearlessly stick your neck out
Reach for new heights
Dress with flair
Listen with your heart

 Giraffe Blessing by Priscilla 

Beauty and Justice, hand in hand

Fair trade provides artisans with fare wages and an opportunity for an improved quality of life. Here at Giraffe, we select work from over 175 artisan groups in 50 countries around the world, to bring you fairly traded home décor, jewelry, gifts and more. We partner with some of the oldest and largest fair trade organizations as well as blossoming smaller groups. Our close work with the artisans creates relationships based on mutual understanding and respect. We also partner with artists closer to home to bring you wonderful hand-crafted products from the Pacific Northwest.

My story, passion & purpose
My love of design and hand-made products began at an early age, when my mother and grandmother sewed all of my dresses. My first shoes were hand-beaded, moose hide moccasins from Alaska. This passion led me to design school. However, my desire to make a difference in the world overpowered my love for high fashion and drew me to Port-au Prince, Haiti, where I taught clothing construction in a trade school.
I lived in Haiti for about four years, also working in a children’s hospital as coordinator for visiting volunteer groups. As a benefit for the hospital, I established a shop that featured local arts and crafts.
Upon returning to the United States, I worked at Nordstrom for 12 years. In my free time, I volunteered with Ten Thousand Villages, teaching customer service. During my time with Ten Thousand Villages, I traveled to Pakistan to visit several artisan groups. It became clear to me that the beautiful products that the artists produce enrich their lives and ours. They create an opportunity to break the cycle of economic disparity that plagues developing nations.
The final step in the fair trade cycle is your discovery of these special products. We count on your support to continue our mission of fair treatment and pay for artists around the world.

Many tall blessings from all of us at Giraffe

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